Hello there , My name is Theppasith Nisitsukcharoen. You can call me “TUTOR” (briefly “tew” is okay :) )

A Robotics Programmer who has a big dream to make the things move and become friend with people, no matter what it is.

Working life

My Picture at work, took by my friend ‘ting’.

My Picture at work, took by my friend ‘ting’.

I’m working as a Junior Robotic Software Engineer at Obodroid Corporation Co.,Ltd (working closely with the team from Hiveground Co.,Ltd)
located in Thailand which is also my homeland.

Our entire company members at Hiveground Co.,Ltd
With Obodroid Corporation’s Team Members including our CEO, CTO and N/AX Bot (Experimental robot) at TedXBangkok August 2017

My responsibility is to design the software architecture for the entire system to work seamlessly between modules (including the software algorithm and hardware protocol). Also doing things about the robot communication channel and tasks management.

I use ROS (Robot Operating System) as my main tools to develop things.

My interesting are : ROS, Simultaneously Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Problems, Image processing, Machine learning.

Me, During my lecture to CU club members at Tino’s.

I interned as a research student at TU-Chemnitz , Chemnitz Germany.
My topics is about implementation machine learning into the embedded system.

with Dr. Mirko Caspar, My mentor
Me with Frank Ullmann. He’s also my mentor :)

University Life

I’m graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. Majoring in Computer Engineering, By the luck of god, somehow got the first degree honors.

This is my picture with the academic gown, taken in 2016. — YamaStudio

I mostly enrolled the course about robotics and sensor technologies. A lot of coursework and doing a lot of trial and error in the field of robotics.

Many club activities : Music Club (Music Director , Pianist , Drummer) , EIC Robot Club (Programmer).

High School

I studied in Montfort College as primary school and high school. Be a co-founder of the school’s Robot Club. I’ve won many prizes in local competitions in Chiang Mai. Also be Thailand’s Representation to the “HKK-Inter-Olympaid” Robotics Competition in Hong kong during my high-school life.

Me with the first generation of the Montfort College Robot club. We won a lot of prizes and done a lot of crazy things.

There’re a lot of things that i’ve loved to tell you, STAY TUNE !!!!